How much is your time worth to you?



You can't put a price-tag on your time. 

Every moment you spend performing a manual task, you waste the precious moments that ought to be spent on what is valuable to you. That could be your family, your customers or that new hobby you always wanted to take up. Get those precious hours back by automating away the tedium!


Save time with automation

Time is the most precious resource

Time moves in one direction, and every moment you spend performing manual tasks can never be recovered. 

Create systems with automation

Let the robots sweat the small stuff

Automating is simply the art of describing a process, and converting it into instructions. If you can describe it, you can automate it. 

Improve Automation Skills

Become a master automater

Once you've started down the path of automation, the sky really is the limit. Achieve more and do more of the things that matter. 

Free Course

Introduction to Automation

In this course, we will discover how to begin thinking like an automation master. We will learn about Objects and data structures as well as how to articulate an automation vision. 

Automation Course for Beginners
Automating with Airtable

Popular Course

Automating with Airtable

In this 3 part Airtable course, we will cover everything from base building to setting up automations and everything in-between. 


Popular Course

Automating with Zapier

In this three-part course, we learn how to use Zapier to automate our work. We cover use cases such as CRM, Marketing Automation, Accounting and more!

Best Zapier Course
Automating with Airtable

Popular Course

Automating with Make

Learn all there is to know about Make from a Certified Expert. In this comprehensive course, we will go deep on some Computer Science concepts like Data Structures, Object Orientated Programming, and we'll also learn how to Build formulas. 


What People Are Saying

Hear from some happy customers of Saastronomical. 

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

"Andy was super efficient with the Zapier issue I was having and also offered to help with great inputs and ideas about other possible integrations that could prove helpful to my business. Thanks again Andy!" 

Teemu O.

The Party

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

"Andy is one of the most talented integration consultants I have worked with. Really interactive, explains what he is doing and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Jamie P

Humanly Agile

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"Andy solved an use with item codes and integration with Xero Would definitely recommend Andy as an Expert and great resource with regards Zapier

Michael R.


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Whether you have questions about a course or the content, or you are looking for automation consultancy, you can get in touch here

Zapier Consultant

Zapier Consultancy

Your time is important! As a Zapier Certified Expert, I can help you automate the systems, processes and tools that drive your business. What can I automate for you using Zapier?

Get help with Zapier Consultancy

Make Consultancy

Get help automating the systems, processes and tools that drive your business using Integromat. What can I automate for you using Make?

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Airtable Consultant

Airtable Consultancy

As an Official Airtable Partner, I can help you realise your automation and MVP aspirations within days. What can I automate for you using Airtable?

Get help with Airtable

Exclusive Course

Automation coaching

If you are looking to automate your workflow, but can never find the time to get around to it, this course is for you! We will set goals that we will hit over a 12 week period, and by the end, you'll have much less busy work to do. 

Automating with Airtable

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