[21 Days of Automation] Day 19: Do you know what your customers need?

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[21 Days of Automation] Day 19: Do you know what your customers need?

Originally posted by Blogbot on Medium on 12th Feb 2020 

Customer feedback is priceless.

There is one sole reason you went into business in the first place and why you’re still in business — your customers. What they think about your service or product matters a great deal, and they are literally in the best position to help you help them.

Listening to what your customers have to say is bound to give you the best insight into easily overlooked details and can help you transform your good product into a great one. The most successful companies owe a major part of their success to being able to efficiently organize and analyze feedback requests and determine what features are most needed by their consumers.

That being said, listening to customers often proves to be easier said than done. These days, the feedback comes from so many different channels, from live chats to surveys to emails to reviews to comments on social media. This makes it quite a task to gather, organize and analyze all of this feedback.

However, here’s some good news: There are a number of software platforms and tools to help you make sense of these massive floods of data. And one of the best ones to take your feedback capturing and response to the next level is Upvoty.

What exactly is Upvoty?

Upvoty is a user feedback tool that works with feature voting. This means that your users get to submit new feedback or upvote on existing ones. This keeps you, as a software owner, always on top of your users’ needs.

The Upvoty tool is a highly effective, considerably affordable, and promises to help you transform your user feedback into actionable product optimizations, as it has been doing for multiple SaaS companies for the past couple of years since its launching in 2018. The platform provides private or public feedback boards on which you and your team can collect feedback in the form of ‘bug reports’ or ‘feature requests’, and work on them.

You also get to set up your Upvoty plug as your own custom domain to promote your own brand identity and share your progress on feedback with your users, using a product roadmap. This will inspire trust and understanding. Updating your Changelog also allows you to share your most recent updates and launches. And, very importantly, Upvoty integrates seamlessly with your workflows, being compatible with over 1,500 apps via Zapier!

Ending the customer feedback loop with Upvoty

Upvoty solves the big issue of ending the feedback loop. As a SaaS company, as earlier mentioned, you definitely get a lot of feedback on your product in the form of feature requests, bug reports, and so on. This feedback comes via various channels and from different users. Social media, emails, and phone calls are a few of the mediums that may be used.

Upvoty gives you the ability and flexibility you need to collect and manage all of your feedback in a single, central place. And you get the option to do this either internally as publicly with your feedback boards. You also get to create different boards for different purposes. And based on keywords or tags, each feedback post can be assigned to the right team member managing a specific board.

Additionally, you and your team can also discuss with users to better understand their needs and keep them in the loop every step of the way. This is indeed the next level in terms of efficient management of user feedback using a single tool.