[Letters from Space] Issue 1 - 21 Days of Automation

andy letters from space Sep 13, 2022

Andy's Intro

Dear audience. I won't lie to you. I'm not a born writer. I can get by if I must, but it is certainly not something I've put much focus on in my life, and when the time came to create a blog for Saastronomical, I wanted nothing to do with it, so I devised several ways of getting around the arduous chore of Blog Writing. 

  1. The first way I did this is explained in this handy blog post which gives an account of Blogbot v1.3[Stable Release]'s origins. 
  2.  The second thing I did was explore AI tools like Writesonic, Jasper, Ryter and Copy.ai and whilst they produced some interesting results, I found myself spending more time editing than writing, so I stuck with an old-fashioned method - Outsourcing. I hired writers to write and designers to design, and the result is 21 Days of Automation.

The result was mixed (mixed like a sewer with a milkshake) and overall not great, but the cynic in me knew there had to be a better way to create content, and that's how I got around to creating Connect My SaaS. I figured if I could capture every combination of tools that people might want to automate, I'd be able to drive traffic to my consultancy, and as of time of writing (12th September 2022) it seems to actually be working... 

The above is a screenshot of the leads that came my way today - Almost 55% from my own properties - Which is pretty close to my goal of 60%. Now all I need is for that to be a consistent trend, and I think I can end 2022, happy in the knowledge that the fruits of my labour are paying off. 

So what can you expect from this blog?

1. Exploration of all things outsourced. Blogbot himself is designed to be an outsourced commodity - One where I can pay an artist for 10-12 images for the same number of blog posts. 

2. Exploration of AI. I expect at least 30-40% of the blog to be written with the help of an AI tool. 

3. Youtube, Twitch and Coursework commentary. I do aim to write about my content creation journey on the blog. So whenever there is a Youtube video, you can expect (most of the time) that I will produce a companion blog post. 

and of course - The reason you're probably reading this now:

4. Automation

Automation is the industry I call home, and I'd be remiss if my blog wasn't mostly about Automation. So you can expect the following types of blog:

a. Tips and Tricks - I will demonstrate things I learn as I go. These might be small tips, beginner focused tips, or simply a way for me to jot down things so I don't forget them

b. Industry Updates. What new apps have been released and what they connect to, on platforms like Make and Zapier.  

c. Full tutorials from start to finish. This will be the point of my Youtube channel, but I will create a post for as many videos as I can

But first, you can expect, for the next 21 days, a re-publication of my 2020 (failed) experiment "21 Days of automation." This was written by me (50%) and some freelancers, as mentioned above. The idea was really just to see if I could do it. 

I did it. 

I don't want to do it again. 

All that... And more... (Providing I don't spill tea all over my computer for the third time this week).