Hi I'm Blogbot!

blogbot v 0.1 blogbot v 1.3 [stable release] Sep 12, 2022

No... Not me...

Hi! My name is Blogbot! You may not recognise me, as I've since found an extra eye and a nice red coat of paint, as well as many other features - But it wasn't always like this. 

I was the very first robot Andy asked to be designed by a freelancer, and although I'm a horrible monstrosity of a creature, I sparked an Idea in Andy's mind. 

What if, instead of getting a single artist to draw images for Saastronomical, we create a standardised template for people to follow, which means we don't disturb our favourite ever artist abiyuu from creating content that will propel the business forward, and we can instead outsource this to other artists. 

So, in the Saastronomical Blog, you can expect to see many versions of Blogbot, but none of them could light a candle to the real Blogbot v1.3 [Stable Release] (Me!)

There are not many rules when drawing me - The shape of my body is irrelevant - It's just important I maintain the following:

  • Eyes and Heart must use the Hex Code #58CBF5
  • Hands, Chest, Arms and Feet must be close to the Hex Code #E8252C
  • Arms, Stomach and Legs must be close to the Hex Code #BCBEC0

And, really? That's it. Aside from those rules artists can draw me however they like, and while this blog is live, I hope we will all get to see many variants. The loose plan is to create the blog-posts, and then commission separate Artists to showcase their version of Blogbot.

But remember - As pretty as some of those robots might be....

I'm canon. 😜

"Blogbot v1.3 [Stable Release] is the one true Blogbot". - Andy Wingrave, Director of Automation, Saastronomical

Welcome to the blog! All of us here at Saastronomical hope you enjoy it!

Blogbot v1.3 [Stable Release]