Zap Connect October 20th 2022 - Swag Unboxing

andy letters from space Oct 16, 2022
Zap Connect October 20th 2022 - Swag Unboxing

I'm presenting at Zap Connect 2022... Better get dressed up

My session is called "Beating time: How to use logic and filters to close the deal" and they sent me a bunch of swag to get ready, so I decided to do a little unboxing video.  

Want to find out how Zapier can help you do more at work? Join me and automators of all levels on Thursday, October 20 for ZapConnect, a free virtual conference put on by Zapier. We'll talk about how automation can make you and your organisation more likely to succeed.

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And you can find my unboxing here - Just for fun:

I'm super grateful for the opportunity. 

Thanks Zapier 🫶