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Introduction to automation!

Congratulations! you've decided that all of those repetitive tasks are not worth your time. You've got other stuff to do. So let's get you acquainted with automation with our complimentary Introduction to automation course


An introduction to your teacher

Andy Wingrave spent 12 years working at some of the best software companies in the world, automating their processes and improving workflows for his team. In 2018 he decided that he wanted to do this as an independent consultant, and created Saastronomical as a consultancy working across Zapier, Airtable and Make exclusively. Andy, and Saastronomical are rated in the top 5 consultants globally in all of these platforms, and are recognised as the highest reviewed Zapier Premier Expert in the world. 

Nice to meet you! My Name is Andy!

You can find out a bit more about me, and Saastronomical on our "About Us" page, but for now, I just want to say that I'm super excited to be a part of your automation journey, and I hope this free course sets you on the path to freedom from tedium. 


My credentials

You can see below that I'm a certified expert in Airtable, Zapier, Make, and Typeform. feel free to book a consultation with me on any of these platforms 😊

Certified Premier Zapier Expert

Saastronomical is currently the highest rated Zapier agency in the world as of August 2022

Make Silver Professional Service Partner

Saastronomical are a Make Silver Professional Service Partner, and work with hundreds of Make customers every day

Official Airtable Ecosystem Consultant

Andy has been using Airtable for over 5 years, and loves nothing more than building with Airtable's truly game-changing database application.

Typeform Intermediate Agency Partner

Andy loves Typeform, and recommends giving it a try if you haven't already. You can create cool automations. 

But first... Why automate?

Automation is similar to investing money, but with your time. You invest some effort now to set your scenarios up, and it will continue to pay you back in perpetuity. For us, the most significant factor is time leverage, or simply - getting more done in less time.

What this course will teach you.

In this series of modules, you'll learn how to look at your business to find opportunities for automation. Learn how to generate ideas just by playing around in Zapier, Make and Airtable. 

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