Saastronomical Course and Website Support

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We've done all we can to make the course and website experience as easy and fun for you as possible, but we realise that sometimes things get overlooked, or a bug gets introduced that's beyond our control. 

Before you get in touch with us (because let's face it... "us" is just Andy on his own) can we please ask that this form is a last resort, reserved for emergencies only. 

Let's determine a few things before filling out the form. 

Have you asked the community?

The below form should only be used in emergency cases or in the case where you need to get in contact with us about a specific course or billing question. So, please before you fill it in, check to see if there's a solution in the community. 

Ask the community first

How can we help?

Let us know what you're having trouble with. Try to provide as much detail as possible. We may follow up and ask for screenshots. 

Please note that a response is not guaranteed when filling this form in. We will of course do our best to respond, and help, but if you've found a bug, instead of replying, we are more likely to post the solution in the community instead of responding directly.