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Certified Airtable Ecosystem consultant 

If you don't have time for a course, Andy offers limited live one to one sessions to help get you through a sticky issue or help build your Airtable base. 

As one of the world's highest rated Airtable Consultants, Andy is well-positioned to help you create the base you need to save time and money, and loves nothing more than helping unblock his customers and get them up and running with an efficient Airtable workflow to power their business. 

With around 5 years of Airtable experience under his belt, Andy is familiar enough with a variety of use cases and workflows that allow him to get straight to building, live!

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 Here's how it works:

  1. Get in touch with Andy by filling out this form
  2. If he can help, the bots will send you an email with a link to book a call with Andy (which is paid in advance)
  3. On the call, you and Andy will build/troubleshoot/optimise your Airtable base on the spot (This can also include advanced Airtable features like automations, formulas and code)
  4. You get a two-week warranty for all work we build 

What can I help you build?

Let me know your requirements, and leave your details below, and I will be in touch soon to schedule a call. 


Amanda B.

Win win!

I contacted Andy for some help with Zapier as I was struggling to set up some zaps. Since then, Andy has taken me on an amazing learning journey and has helped me implement many time-saving processes and automations. He also introduced me to Airtable and together we have built a bespoke system to run our business. Andy is not only a coding whizz, but he really understands business processes too and has helped us improve our workflow and become much more efficient.

Ben K.

Airtable + Bamboo

Andy was a huge help in getting our Bamboo + Airtable integration setup through Zapier. The work was performed quickly and a few days later he followed up to ensure everything was still working

Luke S.

Automation completed with time to spare!

Andy set up a zoom call and got to work on automating our Airtable and Google Drive photo workflow. He created 2 Zaps, consisting of 9 sets, including webhooks, delays and loops. Appears to be working great and Andy even followed up after the call documenting the process for future reference. Would recommend!

What to expect on a call...☎️

Here are a few examples of what you can expect to go through on a consultation call with me. Please note that calls are not limited to these topics, they're just for illustration purposes. Hit me with your toughest problems please 🙃


Scripting is a powerful tool that lets you reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and uncover deeper insights with advanced queries and custom reporting. A script can help you identify and merge duplicates, query data from an API and write the result to an output field for each record (e.g. currency conversion rates) or create a new project and task list.


An Airtable base contains all of the information you need for a particular project or collection. It's kind of like a workbook in a traditional spreadsheet, and can contain multiple tables of content. For example, a base for planning a wedding could have separate tables for potential venues, attendees, and wedding registry items.

Airtable Dashboards and Extensions

Dashboards are ideal for showing executive teams detailed information so they can make informed decisions. Maybe you need a sales dashboard highlighting accounts in each stage with revenue projections, or a topline goals dashboard that shows progress across company-wide initiatives. Whatever the need, if the data is in your base, we can build an impressive custom dashboard in minutes.

Base syncing

To set up a sync, you need access to a shared view that is enabled for syncing. You can then use this view to create a new synced table in any base that you have creator permissions to. I can help you create a synchronised workflow across many bases.

Airtable Automations

Airtable Automations allow you to set up and manage your own custom trigger-action workflows. This will allow you and your team to save time by automating repetitive tasks, increasing communication efficiency, and reducing the overall margin of error.

Airtable Interfaces

We can create a dynamic interface that visualizes information from your base in a more simplified, welcoming way. By choosing a layout, importing a table, and adding unique elements, you can create an interface worthy of presenting to colleagues and higher-ups in minutes. *Please note that Dashboards and interfaces will only be built upon mutual satisfaction with the Airtable set-up. They require a relatively deep knowledge of the configuration, so would never be covered on the first call. 

Youtube Airtable tutorials

Please find a few videos of me going through some intermediate Airtable concepts on my Youtube Channel


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I hope after watching my videos, reading my testimonials, and details of my past work, you're confident I can help you with your Airtable issue(s). If that's the case, then get in touch! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.