About Us

Andy Wingrave 


With over 10 years working at various tech companies such as LinkedIn, Mixpanel, Zeplin and Unity. I found that I was repeating the same pattern over and over each time. I was constantly looking to learn something new, and was applying for jobs I was qualified for but didn't enjoy with all my heart and soul.

What I did enjoy however was the feeling of satisfaction that I got from automating parts of my job, for myself and for my teammates, as well as working with customers. 

However, I struggled to find the right fit for my dreams, so, at some point in 2018, I made it my mission to leave the corporate world behind, and do it myself. And so Saastronomical was born, and I began helping people automate their businesses... 

Now, I want to help you ensure you don't waste a single second of your precious time completing boring admin tasks ever again.


Why Saastronomical?


 At Saastronomical, we believe that time is our most precious resource, and we want to help Professionals and entrepreneurs like you make the most out of every second that you're on this planet. 

We, therefore, decided to create a series of courses to help empower you with the skills to begin automating the boring stuff. We really hope that the investment you make in automation improves the accuracy, efficiency and quality of your output, and also gives you back some of your valuable time. 


Meet The Team


The Saastronomcal gang help out in various ways, and each has their own set of skills that help Andy run the show. Let's meet them!


Workflow Automation Specialist

Ought-O is a master of connecting applications. So much so, that he and his co-workers even created a whole website devoted to just that! Go check it out over at Connect My SaaS

Blogbot v1.3 (Stable Release)

 Editor at large

Blogbot is in charge of the words around here. And can be seen in various guises. His trademark red body is always a constant though. 


 Customer Support

Chatterchap is responsible for all things customer-facing here at Saastronomical. You'll normally find him hanging out at the bottom corner of the page, ready to answer your questions

UIX 3000

Lead User Experience Manager

UIX 3000 is responsible for everything that you see on a screen around here at Saastronomical. She knows the importance of both the UI and UX, and does her best to keep everything easy to navigate. 

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