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If you don't have time for a course, Andy offers limited live one to one sessions to help get you through a sticky issue or troubleshoot your zaps.

As one of the world's highest rated Zapier Experts, Andy is well-positioned to help you create the zaps you need to save time and money, and loves nothing more than helping unblock his customers and get them up and running with automations to power their business. 

With nearly 8 years of Zapier experience under his belt, Andy is familiar enough with a variety of use cases and workflows that allow him to get straight to the automation. 

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 Here's how it works:

  1. Get in touch with Andy by filling out this form
  2. If he can help, the bots will send you an email with a link to book a call with Andy (which is paid in advance)
  3. On the call, you and Andy will build/troubleshoot/optimise your Zaps on the spot (This can also include advanced Zapier features like Looping and webhooks)
  4. You get a two-week warranty for all work we build 

What can I help you automate?

Let me know your requirements, and leave your details below, and I will be in touch soon to schedule a call. 


Lily B.

Andy is a dream to work with

Andy has been an absolute pleasure to work with on our first project - so much so, we are currently starting our second project with him now He is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and we couldn't be more pleased with the automation he has set up. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to automate their processes on Zapier!

Katie B.

This man is a genius

I have tried and tried with 1 particular Zap for hours on end and just could not get it right, even with the help of Zapier support. I had 1 call with Andy and the Zap is good to go! Well actually I tried to duplicate it myself, ran into some problems but sent Andy a quick loom and he called me 5 minutes later to tell me how to fix it. Highly recommend to take all of the frustration out of your life :)

Rosanna S.

Excellent, quick and knowledgeable service

Andy was incredibly helpful and solved our issue in a moment, he is clearly very knowledgeable of Zapier and its many integrations. A few days later there was a little hiccup in the code and he solved it within 5 minutes of me emailing - very impressive. Would highly recommend!

What to expect on a call...☎️

Here are a few examples of what you can expect to go through on a consultation call with me. Please note that calls are not limited to these topics, they're just for illustration purposes. Hit me with your toughest problems please 🙃

Conditional Logic - "If this, then that"

if you need some simple conditional logic added to your zap that helps your automation perform different actions depending on the input, then I can help you architect and implement this into your workflow.

Email Parsing and custom Code steps

I regularly help my clients parse emails and write complex custom code in JavaScript or Python. Sometimes, when a formatter step doesn't quite fit the bill, a code step can be a lifesaver

Webhooks configuration

Webhooks are amazing! They allow us to send data to Zapier and use it in a customised zap. When an integration isn't available, webhooks are a very powerful option for us to consider.

Whiteboarding sessions

If you have a workflow that you haven't quite defined, I would be delighted to help you design and build a workflow that helps you gain clarity and confidence in your plan before we go ahead and build it in Zapier. But before booking a call with me, I would recommend considering taking our free intro course, where we will cover some concepts that will help you articulate your automation requirements. 

Experimental and New Zapier features - Looping

Zapier is an ever-evolving platform, and as a Zapier Expert, I'm constantly educating myself on the new ways to use it to help clients like yourself make the most out of its features, like looping, round robins, chrome extensions, and more!

Full workflows - From beginning to end

If the idea of creating harmonious zaps that work together is alien to you, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I've built many complex workflows for my clients that power their entire marketing funnels, CRMs, productivity workflows and more.


Jamelle O.

Incredible Work!

Andy was able to deliver not once but twice on the same project! He certainly knows what he is doing, and really wants to ensure you have the best experience. I would certainly recommend using him, and I look forward to utilizing him again in the very near future.

Vince S.

Andy is a Dynamo!

I'm actually a developer myself but didn't know much about Zapier and didn't have time to dive into the intricacies. Andy not only finished a a super human amount of work in our hour session, but also helped me understand the platform and his thought process through the project. He is absolutely fantastic to work with and does a great job from understanding your needs all the way through follow up. Hire him immediately and you'll be glad you did.

TeeJ M.


Being a creative through and through, I love when I come across problem-solving folks who do whatever it takes to find a solution,.
I love the way that although he wasn't versed in Keap, he did some digging to help me set up an easy flow automation sequence. I will definitely be coming back!

Youtube Zapier tutorials

Please find a few videos of me going through some intermediate Zapier concepts on my Youtube Channel


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I hope after watching my videos, reading my testimonials, and details of my past work, you're confident I can help you with your Zapier issue(s). If that's the case, then get in touch! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.